7 Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Love Your Website

Google Doesn’t Love Your Website

Why Google Doesn’t Love Your Website? Have you ever wondered why Google ranking was important? Of course not! You just accept it for a fact: if you want your website to be popular, you have to improve its position in the search engine results regarding the common keywords your target audience uses.

1. Your website is not mobile friendly

Have you matched with the Googlebot on Tinder? If not, maybe it’s because your website isn’t mobile-optimized enough. Since 2015, the search engine has shown a strong preference for mobile websites. Keyword: responsive design.

2. Your website is slow

How annoying is it to wait for your date to turn up? It’s exactly the same for your users when your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. What you have to do: guarantee a great page speed.

3. You get error pages

How much chocolate and alcohol did it take to get over having your heart broken? Help everyone stay healthy, make sure no-one has to suffer a broken 404 page.

4. You don’t ensure a secure connection

Trust is key in any relationship, and it’s the same for your website and your users. If you still don’t have a secure connection, it’s now or never.

5. Your content is out of date

You’re not the only one to age and lose your good looks; your content does too. Regularly look after your content and make sure it stays up to date.

6. Your internal link structure is messy

Untidy socks can ruin a relationship. The same goes for your internal link structure: if it’s messy and the links don’t match with the anchor text, Google can get really upset. So use the appropriate keyword.

7. Your tags are not set

It’s what’s on the inside that counts: inner beauty is just as important. Help Google to understand what your website is really about and set your meta tags properly: title, description, alt.