Monopoly Marketing – 7 Steps to Get Your Small Business Marketing Online

Small Business Marketing Online

As you run your business or want to begin starting your business you will know and begin to understand that time is not always available. This booklet helps business owners increase sales, increase time, and allow technology to do a lot of mundane tasks. So this quick 7 step list is a simple strategy with helpful tools that will get your business online and building revenue. It is a simple walkthrough and process that gets your business moving in the right direction of collecting monthly income every month and automating much of the sale process lowering overhead and headaches. By inserting these ideas into your business you will gain more income without having to invest more of your time.

You will see significant results that will create sales and leads automatically, which are huge building blocks in your business. The most important concept you should understand is all 7 steps are investments in you, your business, and your financial freedom. The steps take a bit of focus, but after the initial start you will have great methods to build revenue for your business on the web.

Step 1 Insert your site into FREE directories

First Step is get a web site, if you do not have one do look on the web for a web design company near you or somone that will identify the exact needs and benefits your web site can offer your business.

I can not stress enough how important for you in becoming a successful business to get a powerful website to inform, drive sales, and offer unique tools and problem solving for clients in your industry. Not only should you get a website you must have strong pages set in place for certain products. Also create web pages that will be optimized to collect leads and not only sales as the sales process may be lengthier depending on your products and services. For example, one simple design technique we use is images next to your popular products, people are more often going to look at text that is put next to an image, this image can be a person’s face as more people will look at a person’s face . In that text will be your informative selling information. Most importantly make sure your important web content is above the fold of your site. The fold of your site is the area above the screen that is cut off on your monitor when viewing a web site. From there always give them a call to action, if your business is booking appointments, create a button to book appointments that is very visible so visitors do not have to stress on what you want them to do. We will explain this a bit more in step 7.

Looking for a web design

When looking for a web design just make sure they know how to optimize your site for the search engines so you do spend additional money in design fees and then when you are ready to market your business spending more time for another search engine optimization company to maximize and delaying your undering goal of your business.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique to build a presence in the web and create powerful multi stream revenue’s. Search Engine Optimization is the process of promoting your web site through some of the technique in the booklet and other more technical ways using research on the web and special search engine techniques. For now these steps are what most Search Engine Optimizers do to get a website off the ground.

What is your web site for

As for the designer make sure they ask you what is your web site for, what do you want your web site to do. You are a business owner should also know what you want from your website. There have been numerous times when people are not exactly sure of what they want their website to accomplish. Knowing the goal will allow you to accomplish it much more effectively and be able to communicate it. Ask yourself questions … The power of questions

Now if you have a web site, either you are updating it or have a web designer you should first go to all the free directories listed and insert your site. Directories are just like search engines but a bit smaller. Directories are tons of listing for websites in certain categories depending on the directories preference. For example going to you will see a directory list. This one is not free but inserting your site into these type of directories will give you inbound links from some big traffic sites. So in turn it is like putting your business on a busy street, it will give you more Page Rank in major search engines. Below you will find a list of FREE search engine listings and directories that I would recommend submitting your site to. By doing the following you are increasing your odds of becoming a more popular site on the web.

Invest some cash into your business advertising

If you have a bit of capital and are willing to invest some cash into your business advertising, you would gain a great benefit inserting your site into a new niche market of directories. A big secret I have discovered in web marketing by working with google, yahoo, and other search engine marketers in Silicon Valley is local search. At the annual SES convention in San Jose, Google and Yahoo’s CEO’s and engineers addressed the importance of local marketing. This addresses some new techniques that the search engines will be focusing on which in turn will be beneficial for your web site to be a part of before it gets to crowded, I will also display a list of links for local listing some you have to pay and others that are free.

You can also look into inserting paid directories and search engines. The paid directories are highly trafficked web sites that will give your business an outside link to visit your web site. An outside link from another highly trafficked site other than yours will give you better page rank in the major search engines. But before investing I stress you research and assure yourself that your website can take advantage of selling and informing your major products or services by having landing pages to build leads and some visible call to action areas. Rather than using capital and misleading your funds, you have great product and service pages that convert you to your visitors into sales. I will get into a bit more detail later in these steps.

Step 2 – Create a company and or a personal Blog (Offer your workers to write a blog that pertains ideas to your business)

What is a blog ? A blog is a new way for individuals to express themselves. Now there are blogs, which are very easy to create and get your business ideas out in the World Wide Web. The Blogging idea is great because it is a great way to add content and build an informative area to your site. You can update and freely advertise your products online with links back to your business site. Since you will be a specialist in your business or in the process of becoming one by writing the published blogs, you give the opportunity for others to read about what you know and how what you offer them can add benefit in their lives. One example I set up for my clients was an inspector; you or a content writer can add articles about your special services you offer, even helpful tips that may add some value to your customers.

Significant content

By adding significant content to your web sites you are creating better reasons for visitors to visit your site and in turn better opportunities for people to link to your site and view you as a specialist. People will link to your site because of its informative content and that will be the largest result of reaching the top of search engines. So get started and write informative blogs about you or your business. This is free marketing and should be taken advantage. Below is a list of blogging sites in which you can use for free. Remember when writing Blogs write naturally of course but insert keywords you think your customers might use. This way when searching for those keywords search engines will rank your blog site higher and you will have links back to your websites more important product and service pages (Landing Pages).

Step 3 – Get involved into your online industry Forums

Forums are now called groups, they are basically meeting areas where you contribute and post solutions and ideas for other members. Forums at times have over 1,000’s members that will view your posting. Try not to market and be a bit more informative. Below is a way to market your self indiscreetly.

Read the forums post some comments and be helpful. You should always leave links back to your site below your name. This will help others see your comments and have a quick link to your web site.

Not only writing content is important but viewing forums that are related to your industry. There are usually tons of customers waiting to be served in forums. Try not to market your business, but add value to the forum and of course adding a link to your website. A really great secret for some secret advertising is when signing up for an account, for your user name add your web site url, if possible. Everyone will see your contribution and your website url will be the way of identifying yourself. Free marketing and a great way to become a specialist in your industry, adding helpful content and giving viewers a way to read more about what your business is about.

Step 4 – Write Transcripts and Articles for Visitors to download

Educate and give your customers a wonderful experience when visiting your business website. Have a free informative “white paper” to download. You may let them download the white paper without taking some of their information or you may want to receive their contact information. If you do decide to have them fill in the online form, make sure you make it very easy and short. No visitors want to fill in long forms. I recommend a Full Name box and email to start, unless you absolutely need the other information for your sales force. Depending on the information, if it is valuable you may want to sell the information. This can also be done using simple check out button on your site that when clicked will take you users to a secure page. From there they pay and the money goes directly to your business account. A very nice way to add some monthly revenue and build customer rapport opening up future up selling. Most people will buy information before buying a service, and this can be a great value to a revenue stream for your business.

Step 5 – Pictures tell a thousand words

As of now search engines are finding new ways to search all types of data including media. Yahoo has actually created a free service, which they allow you to upload pictures that describe your own personal life. These pictures can be viewed and searched by thousands with descriptions under the image. The system by yahoo is called Flickr and is an image uploading system for everyone to view and comment on your images. It is a great tool to show your services and products. So if you are running a business in which pictures would benefit, put them on the web using a web site like Flickr and write content that describes the images or media.

Flikr is another free marketing for your site and your products and services. Some of my clients have received overwhelming benefits to their postings from this simple task alone. The logic behind this is if you are inserting your photos on such a popular high trafficked site and have a link back to your business site or blog, this creates a lot of trust for the search engines and opens opportunities for web surfers to view your business pictures. This helps page ranking for your site depending on your market and keyword competition. So get your pictures uploaded, your services, and other images that would add benefit to your customers and show the world on Flikr.

Step 6 – Research and Interact with your market; Find the Niche

When having your business it is important to set yourself as the most knowledgeable company people can turn to when seeking your goods and services. The best method is getting involved in your industry and offering services that will solve the person’s problem or give a unique product at a good price. As you interact with your community you will start hearing problems many of the businesses or individuals are having. Try to find way in which doing the services you enjoy which you can help them, if there are some things that might not be as knowledgeable or do not wish to do them find a person to help you and pay them or work with them to get that project done. You will be well on your way to entrepreneurship.

In order to research to find your niche, you should turn to the web and start to be a person who contributions to the group, before you know it if you offer some decent advice people will start visiting your website and even receive some calls. Write some great articles and help guides that can be downloaded off your website. People who want to be successful will read as much as they can, and if they read your documents and articles this is a great step to building a new business relationship or consumer to business relationship. If you are building a new niche product, can be a variation of the products or services you are already selling. For example, maybe a written document about your services that can be sold or given to new clients. This really helps your new customers build rapport with you and your company. So get out there and think outside of the box and find solutions to your customer problems.

Step 7 – Your Marketing Monopoly – Print and Media Ads to your Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages? Landing pages are a descriptive page that you wish your visitors to go to which infroms your product or service and has a BIG call to action visible on the page. The big call to action could be a huge button, graphic, or special you are running. Showing your visitors is the best technique to build leads and sales.

Marketing budgets

In business all the companies who want to make the best of their marketing budgets about web marketing spend thousands on creating strong landing pages. As of today, more and more businesses are investing thousands in bringing new visitors into a powerful landing page, giving them great content to read about, and a free download or great offer to call them to action and follow up system.

When marketing on print ads, flyers, and media for a service or product give them your website to always bring them to your web site landing pages. Your landing pages are a descriptive page in which informs your product or service and has a BIG call to action visible on the page. So you have a way build that lead or sale. Your ad should have your website and then a direct way for the reader to go to that product or service page. So can be the link you could use on the ad. If you are doing an ad for the company in general then use your domain name with out the product or service page. From marketing on the Internet I have found people want direct information and want that information quickly. So when your ad goes out on print. People see the ad with a direct link to the product they will know they will not have to search for that ad on the site, saving them time and encouraging them to read more about the product. The system you wish to use is entirely up to you.

Putting money into marketing

When putting money into marketing you will want to track that marketing print ad. I recommend you have a web site system in which allows you to have visitors enter in their information and some type of marketing code. The marketing code could be a phrase for visitors to enter in the field of the web page to receive a promotion or free article. This is a great system to build some great target leads for your business and find out what’s working in your print ads.

Web marketing

As for print ads web marketing tracking your leads and visitors web navigation is easier to research. You literally can track how your visitors can view each page, where they go, and how long they spend on each page. So I have setup ads with print ads but more importantly is introducing pay per click ads on the Internet. Pay per click ads are becoming very popular and are great ways to build revenue. I know this first hand with clients and first found it out when I talked to big corporations who are dropping thousands of a month to get those web surfers who are a bit bit interested in their product or service. Pay Per Click ads are another great way to research and track your visitors so you can gain more information on prospects buying decisions. You also will want to track which keywords are being used for those click ads and start converting those keywords into your web site.

These are some quick steps to getting your business on the Internet. This is also a proven way to get an edge in your industry. I believe you need to reach everyone you can in all forms of media. Using the World Wide Web is what I have set up for all my clients that have brought tremendous success for them. What has really helped my customers understand the concept is the cost of the advertising on the web. No other place can you legally find targeted markets, automate your sales, and build leads for your business in one powerful system. Our customers have found new ways to make cash building techniques that gives more security to their every day cash flow. So get your products and services on the web, offer great value to your customers, and put it on the World Wide Web. Let everyone see it, never has there been a tool that has no limit for a business to grow. The Internet is that tool and I highly recommend you start taking advantage of it right away.

Source by Markus Skupeika