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10 Storytelling Portfolio Websites

A designer’s storytelling portfolio is not something out of the ordinary. It is not extravagant or luxury. On the contrary, it is an ordinary thing that we meet on a daily basis while surfing the web. We are witnessing an era of personal websites that pop up here, there and pretty much everywhere.

Developers, designers, creative directors, photographers and other artists are eager to make a statement. And they want it to be bold. Communities such as Dribbble, Behance and Codepen are no longer enough to satisfy their needs.

Everyone wants a personal portfolio because it gives you the freedom to be whatever you want, to show whatever skills you want, to use whatever tricks you want to win over clients. It is here where you can let your imagination run wild and create a universe where your genius will flourish and will be truly appreciated.

A personal website is a place to share your story. Some artists prefer to make their narration concise and businesslike. They opt in favor of traditional user interfaces that are filled with neutrality, time-proven tricks, and trendy solutions.

Still, others prefer to go off the beaten path and tell a story about themselves. And this story is not just an autobiography. In many cases, it is an adventure or exciting journey with a plot that is brought inside a skillfully recreated universe with proper illustrations, animations and interactions.


Here’s a website for a creative digital studio. The name of the agency sets the tone and theme for the site. There is a beautiful cosmic scene, lovely space-related logotype and illustrations. The navigation features such sections as mission and crew, each page is named as if it were from out of this world. In one word, there is a small cosmic journey that presents the company in the best possible “Moon” light.

portfolio storytelling

Moonfarmer’s idea of storytelling is brilliant. It is unique, charismatic and of course alluring. Although there is no imposing interactive canvas or lavish experiments with high-end libraries, it is so absorbing that you cannot take your eyes off it. We all love good books with well-thought-out plots, and digital storytelling experiences are exactly the same. Though with just one exception: while in the case of books we need to imagine scenes in our mind, with websites we can enjoy the fantasy world thoughtfully created beforehand.

Jeremi Walewicz

Jeremi Walewicz stands behind this splendid personal portfolio. His take on a self-presentation is incredible. Everything here is corresponding to the theme. In some way, it even has a Star Wars-like quality, especially in the “Briefing” section. The website feels so real that you certainly believe this guy.

portfolio storytelling

Niccolo Miranda

From high-tech reality to a low-tech fantasy world, Niccolo Miranda and his portfolio opens a series of illustrated storytelling experiences in our collection. Although the website is small (it just includes three sections), the home screen, as well as the way the artist presents his work and himself, is remarkable.

portfolio storytelling

Fishfinger / The Insurance Experiments

Fishfinger is famous for their lavish, colorful and cartoonish website designs. Just look at The Insurance Experiments, it is fantastic. So it comes as no surprise that their website is no exception. It is simply awesome. From an idea to a realization: the team has put heart and soul into this project. Everything is well-thought out and made with particular attention to detail. The website will make you smile and leave a truly positive and long-lasting impression.

portfolio storytelling
portfolio storytelling

Digital Meal

Digital Meal has a fully illustrated website that uncovers the agencies’ sphere of expertise in a fancy manner. The theme is bizarre: it has the qualities and features of Minecraft, retro games and is a bit cosmic. Nevertheless, this peculiarity is skillfully mixed with brutality and produces an exciting effect that naturally lures us in.

portfolio storytelling


Sido is an example of gamification in the storytelling experience. The portfolio is a classic browser adventure game where you can explore the universe and at the same time find out information about the artist. Although the graphics feel a bit dated, we have to give an artist credit for creating such a grandiose project.

portfolio storytelling

Dara Sami

Dara Sami’s personal portfolio is another game-based storytelling experience in our collection that has a unique plot – a story about an ingenious game developer. The interactive setting invites visitors to explore all the details by hovering over objects and finding out some interesting stuff about the artist.

portfolio storytelling

Hey, I’m Phil

Phillip Pastore took the idea of transforming a personal portfolio into a storytelling experience a little too literally. His website is just one page, or to be more precise one screen, where he displays a relatively short autobiography. However, give it a try since it is indeed worth your attention. The text features underlined words that bear some extra information that will be revealed upon hovering. Enjoy a short story about the artist spiced up with some hilarious accompanying visual material.

portfolio storytelling

Mariano Pascual / Erik Bernacchi

Not all storytelling portfolio have to be fairy tales that are full of lovely illustrations. Sometimes they can be brutally honest and a bit crude. Mariano Pascual and Erik Bernacchi have a particular view on the storytelling experience. Both portfolios tell a story about the respective artists, but not in a traditional way. These two websites have a charisma of the 90s with rough aesthetics, rustic details and an authentic feel.

portfolio storytelling
portfolio storytelling

Storytelling: A Time-Tested Method

Thanks to present-day techniques and improvements in enduring instruments, artists are spoiled with options. They are able to bring any idea to life – however grandiose and bizarre it may be.

While some prefer to impress with ultra-modern action-packed solutions, others, like Moonfarmers, prefer to breathe a new life into old-but-good solutions like the storytelling experience. They take things to the next level, providing visitors not just with a “wow” masterpiece within the hero section. They instead try to keep the interest alive throughout the project, feeding visitors with exciting features and gradually bringing them to their side.

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