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How to Price Your Website For Sale

How to Price Your Website For Sale

Selling a website is a profitable venture. But before you sell a website you must have an idea how to calculate the price that you are going to ask for your website. There is not a single method that can calculate price of your website. However there are pointers and we would be discussing them. […]

Small Business Web Design – Essential Expert Advice

Small Business Web Design

When the world wide web exploded in the ‘90s, internet surfers were able to access a whole new universe of information. Twenty years later, we practically live and breathe by our internet connection; we use it on a variety of devices for everyday needs like driving directions, to complicated surgeries. Anyone with hopes of expanding […]

7 Secrets for Building Great Client Relationships

Client Relationships

A colleague recently said to me, “I’ve heard that you’re a client relations guru. Are there any tips or tricks that you have for starting to build up those client relationships?” I always love a question like this—something that makes me stop and reflect. It’s true. Working with people and developing new (or existing) client […]