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Responsible JavaScript

Responsible JavaScript

By the numbers, JavaScript is a performance liability. If the trend persists, the median page will be shipping at least 400 KB of it before too long. And that’s merely what’s transferred. Like other text-based resources, JavaScript is almost always served compressed. But that might be the only thing we’re getting consistently right in its delivery. […]

Advantages of PHPFox Web Development

PHPFox Web Development

Today PHPFox offers the best solution for the development of social networking websites. With over 1300 Plugins, Multilingual Support, WYSIWYG Editor and many more advanced features, it builds the most powerful Social Networking Websites and Community Portals. A few out of the many advantages of using PHPFox for your Social Networking Website Development are mentioned […]

Optimise your CSS and speed up your site

optimise your CSS

There’s more to web optimisation than JavaScript. Here’s 21 ways to fix and optimise your CSS for an added performance boost. CSS must pass through a relatively complex pipeline, just like HTML and JavaScript. The browser must download the files from the server and then proceed to parsing and applying them to the DOM. Due […]

Firefox working on a rebranding

Firefox rebranding

Hey guys, remember Firefox? Remember the Mozilla Application Suite? That second one isn’t relevant, but everyone knows that nostalgia is an attention-grabber. Now that you’re here, let’s move on with that first item: Firefox. It’s getting a logo change… eventually. The Mozilla foundation wants your help deciding which direction to go. The Firefox logo as […]