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Logo Design File Formats Explained

Logo Design File Formats

Logo Design File Formats Explained – Vector vs Raster Files for Client Deliverables So by working with Adobe Illustrator, or any other tool, and putting in months of efforts, you have finally created a logo. Now, you will save and export the final file. So you think you’ve made it. Nope, you haven’t yet. You may […]

Firefox working on a rebranding

Firefox rebranding

Hey guys, remember Firefox? Remember the Mozilla Application Suite? That second one isn’t relevant, but everyone knows that nostalgia is an attention-grabber. Now that you’re here, let’s move on with that first item: Firefox. It’s getting a logo change… eventually. The Mozilla foundation wants your help deciding which direction to go. The Firefox logo as […]

How to Create Aesthetic Logos For Websites

Aesthetic Logos

Aesthetic logos are essential elements when creating stunning website designs. Learn what it takes to create a logo that will make people look and linger! Close your eyes and picture your favorite logo. Then, pick it apart. Think about what it is that draws you to this image. Consider if you’d like the logo just […]

Glitch art is a trend for 2019

Glitch art

2019 graphic design trends are imaginative, experimental and ‘out there’.  Someglitch website design trends emerge quickly while others have been evolving over time.  Why waste time though?  Let’s explore the 2019 design trends which are sure to take the graphic design world by storm. No trends list would be complete without some form of retro design making […]