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why designers should know seo

For web designers today, creating a website can mean a whole lot than just functionality, usability and aesthetic appeal. Today, every new-born website requires a thorough integration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) protocols to become crawlable and get indexed by search engines such as Google. This is why designers should know SEO. A good website […]


Web design and SEO for designers

Web design and SEO for designers is important thing. UX design and a solid SEO strategy go hand in hand. Design is here to boost user experiences, inspire users to spend more time on your pages, and ensure they don’t leave your site frustrated. This way, it minimizes bounce rates and turns your visitors into […]

How to Calculate Google Adwords ROI

How to Calculate Google Adwords ROI

Google gives advertisers the ability to place ads based on specific searches. As the largest search engine in the world, this gives businesses large and small huge opportunities. According to the Google Economic Impact Report, average Adwords ROI is 100%. With the proper set-up, it’s easy to calculate your own Google Adwords ROI, and make sure […]

How to Start Internet Marketing – Equipment and Software

Start Internet Marketing

You have been attracted by the prospect, but now the question is how to start Internet Marketing? You will want to get started straight away, no time to lose, but what are the essential things that you need in place. What equipment and software do you need before you can seriously sit down and get […]

Monopoly Marketing – 7 Steps to Get Your Small Business Marketing Online

Small Business Marketing Online

As you run your business or want to begin starting your business you will know and begin to understand that time is not always available. This booklet helps business owners increase sales, increase time, and allow technology to do a lot of mundane tasks. So this quick 7 step list is a simple strategy with […]

Importance of SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design

If you are planning to get your own website designed, then do not forget to make it SEO friendly. However, getting a search engine friendly website designed in order to attract more visitors is really not an easy task. There are plenty of factors that play a huge rule in building a SEO friendly website […]

7 Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Love Your Website

Google Doesn’t Love Your Website

Why Google Doesn’t Love Your Website? Have you ever wondered why Google ranking was important? Of course not! You just accept it for a fact: if you want your website to be popular, you have to improve its position in the search engine results regarding the common keywords your target audience uses. 1. Your website […]

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

As the importance of voice search continues to grow, the jury is still out on the best way to optimize content for it. However, there’s an emerging list of best practice that does seem to work exceptionally well. This article explores the top 4 ways to optimize your content for voice search. With the growth […]