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How to Start Internet Marketing – Equipment and Software

Start Internet Marketing

You have been attracted by the prospect, but now the question is how to start Internet Marketing? You will want to get started straight away, no time to lose, but what are the essential things that you need in place. What equipment and software do you need before you can seriously sit down and get […]

Logfile Analysis vs Page Tagging

We all know we should be using web analytics to analyse web site visitor behaviour and online marketing channel performance. However what type of web analysis should we use? Should you go for log file analysis or page tagging or a bit of both? First of all let’s define what we mean by these terms. […]

The Different Types Of Internet Consulting Services And Their Advantages

Internet Consulting Services

Internet consulting services can help businesses in many ways. Firms that offer these services employ professionals and can do anything from website design to increasing conversion rates. Other consulting services include strengthening a company’s online presence and marketing a website or products online. There are many benefits of hiring a consulting firm and taking advantage […]

How to Price Your Website For Sale

How to Price Your Website For Sale

Selling a website is a profitable venture. But before you sell a website you must have an idea how to calculate the price that you are going to ask for your website. There is not a single method that can calculate price of your website. However there are pointers and we would be discussing them. […]

How The Majority of Us Search Online And Why It Matters To Your Business

Majority of Us Search Online

According to Smart Insights, most of the time spent on mobile devices, 90% to be precise, is spent using an app (think Facebook, etc.), which is based on recent Google research. Even though the total number of digital hours people spend on mobile is higher than desktops, this is mainly because people use their apps […]

Monopoly Marketing – 7 Steps to Get Your Small Business Marketing Online

Small Business Marketing Online

As you run your business or want to begin starting your business you will know and begin to understand that time is not always available. This booklet helps business owners increase sales, increase time, and allow technology to do a lot of mundane tasks. So this quick 7 step list is a simple strategy with […]

Advantages of PHPFox Web Development

PHPFox Web Development

Today PHPFox offers the best solution for the development of social networking websites. With over 1300 Plugins, Multilingual Support, WYSIWYG Editor and many more advanced features, it builds the most powerful Social Networking Websites and Community Portals. A few out of the many advantages of using PHPFox for your Social Networking Website Development are mentioned […]

Importance of SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design

If you are planning to get your own website designed, then do not forget to make it SEO friendly. However, getting a search engine friendly website designed in order to attract more visitors is really not an easy task. There are plenty of factors that play a huge rule in building a SEO friendly website […]

Web Design Templates to Try


To use a ready-made website template is a great way to start building a website. It is simply a web page with no content in it where you can easily put your own images and content using the front page. They are simple to use, all you need to do is add your text. This […]

Presentation Layer in Website Design

Presentation Layer in Website Design

As we are all aware, there are always two sides of every website design. The visual side that all users see with all the graphic elements, buttons, pictures and the side behind it, which is the code that is responsible for the functionality of the website. How to achieve the balance? The enabling side does […]